Eurasian Industrial Forum
Investment into innovative technologies
Green Energy - Energy of the future

June 21st to 23rd , Astana, Kazakhstan
our objectives
Exchange of international experience, discussion of the future of green energy, opportunity to attract investors, development of the industry and introduction of your products into the global market.

The region of Central Asia and the CIS region is gradually concentrating on building power generation capacity, increasing energy efficiency, upgrading infrastructure, investing into alternative energy sources and creating investments opportunities. The EAPF2017 is the leading platform to exchange ideas for the Central Asia region producers, large energy users and governments, looking for innovative solutions.


Conferences are not a form of education. They are a method to introduce your theories to the public. Conferences make it possible to be updated on the current scientific and practical problems of the field. It's a way to introduce your ideas, get them reviewed by professionals, improve your weak points.

32 Speakers
800 Participants
Aleksandr Trofimov
President of the "Energy" Institute.
Ioannis Tsipouridis
Chairman of the Hellenic Scientific Wind Energy Association.
Anton Usachev
Vice Manager of department of corporate communications of "HEVEL" holding.
Liudmila Revoshina
CIS and European countries energy congresses analyst.

Marat Dulkairov
CEO of the Power Engineering Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Adilbek Egizbaev
"Holding company - Business Consulting Group "
Natalia Nevmerzhitskaya
Chairman of the Board of the association of distributors and energy solution companies.
Vladimir Nistyuk
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Executive Director of the Association of Renewable Energy of the Republic of Belarus.
Georgij Kekelidze
Chairman of the Board of the European Association of Renewable Energy Sources.
Key moments
WInd power: Analysis and practical apllication, investment return.
Wind power: Risk management from the perspective of an investor.

Solar power: Innovations, technological and scientific achivments.

RES projects: Protection of investments and ensuring of profitability.

Open discussion: Analysis of the countries represented at EXPO2017. Networking with the participants of the exhibition. Presentation of innovations and achievements.

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Exhibition center "Dostyk" - 3 Dostyk Street, Left bank, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan
From June to September 2017, Kazakhstan hosts the World famous exhibition"EXPO-2017"- an event of global magnitude, comparable to the Olympic Games. The exhibition is held every 3 years and serves us a global showcase for demonstrating technological innovations and achievements. Eurasian Industrial Forum-Exhibition Astana 2017 will be held at the same time with the international exhibition EXPO 2017, which is dedicated to "Energy of the future". Close cooperation will provide all participants with the chance to visit the EXPO 2017. Moreover, the simultaneous running of 2 events will give the unique opportunity to the participants to collaborate and work together with the representatives of various industrial fields and create additional opportunities for them.

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